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Pelvic floor weakness can affect women of all ages. It is emotional, and often not a concern addressed by our care providers.

After all, it isn’t “life threatening”. Determined not to let this be and to choose HOW we want to live and OUR quality of life, the amazing Pelvic Floor Toner became a device WORTH trying. After personal experience, using the device twice a day for a month, it was like night and day. Personally suffering from “stress incontinence” and vaginal wall bulge, I had imagined the worst. I would have to live with it. After 1 month of consistent use of the pelvic toner, those issues were reversed. When I assumed prolapse surgery was in the future, the gynecologist diagnosed me with mild prolapse and said that no surgery was needed!

The birth of a child

is one of life’s most precious miracles. But going through multiple labors can damage muscles that support a woman’s pelvic organs, often resulting in two bothersome conditions: pelvic organ prolapse, and stress urinary incontinence. Julie began to notice symptoms of bladder leakage after the birth of her three children.

“After using the toner for a few weeks, I can now do whatever I want in my exercise class, and I don’t feel limited at all.  It’s really exciting, and I feel like I am young again.”


Small and portable!

Therapy at Home

Don’t leave the house to work on your pelvic floor.

Results as early as 2 weeks

Results can be seen as early as 2 weeks!

Enjoy your love life again!


I was using temporary assistance from a pessary to help my bladder fully empty. This device is also used to treat pelvic organ prolapse. I just wasn’t sold. It wasn’t “sexy” and it really hurt my sex life with my partner. I am over the moon to have found something that I can use when I don’t want the pessary.

Go out with confidence!


It started out small, a leak here or there with a cough or sneeze. Then as I got older, it became worse, making it next to impossible for me to exercise. About five years ago, I really got on a health kick and after a while, I couldn’t run without leaking. It just became so inconvenient.

Enjoy life!

Julia Castillo

When I was able, I practiced Kegel exercises almost on a daily basis. You do so by flexing your pelvic muscles (the ones used to stop urine midstream), contracting them and holding for about 10 seconds. I found it really hard to do these properly. This device is a game changer!!