My Pelvic Floor Journey

Pelvic Floor Journey
Myself with 2 of my 4 precious little ones

My PELVIC FLOOR issues really took a turn for the worse after my fourth child was born. He was “sunny side up” as my Dr loved to say and I had to push him for over 3 hours after labouring for over 24 hrs. He was almost 9 pounds and the damage done was noticed immediately afterward. I wasn’t able to walk for a day and a half. As time passed, I noticed a bulge down there. I read online and found some reassuring articles on how “things heal up” or “give it time”. Well, it did get better, and then after the lifting and straining involved in mothering my babies, the problem got worse. All I found online was how it continues to get worse and even an article on “how to live with the new you”.

I was devastated. I love being active and still play soccer in my 30s. I was wearing tampons and pads while playing as I would experience significant leaking which the Dr refered to as “stress incontinence”. I expressed my concern about my pelvic area and after an ultrasound to check on my ovaries, I was told I had no serious issues and that my problem was non life threatening.

I then found out about the kegel tens unit online and how it was extremely popular in th UK. I was determined to get one and try it for myself. I AM SO HAPPY I DID. This product changed my life. It contracts the muscles for you, instead of you “attempting” manual kegels. It really, really works. My pelvic floor is better and stronger than ever!

Be brave, see how the pelvic floor electric exerciser can help you and REALIZE and STRONGER you with VEALIZE!!!